1855 Wesley Drive Suite D. Prosper, Texas 75078

Michael (Mike) Bohn - Owner / Coach

Mike has an extensive background in bicycle racing including mountain, road, and cyclocross disciplines. Mike's passion for CrossFit developed from the role it played in his personal recovery after having been hit by an F150 at 45mph while standing on the side of the road. Needing to regain the ability to function day-to-day Mike enrolled in CrossFit and quickly became an ambassador for the program. His passion lies in helping others of all fitness levels discover the incredible things they can accomplish physically through this program!

Jared Barnard - Coach

Jared is one of the original coaches from when Sancum first opened its warehouse door. Jared is very knowledgable when it comes to all of the movements of CrossFit. He is L1 and judges certified by CrossFit.

Michael (Starks) Starks

Michael has a passion for helping others and coaching. He holds a CrossFit L1 Cert and when he's not coaching you'll find him lifting in the corner with his wife, Tasha. 

Mike McKenna

Coach McKenna holds multiple CrossFit certifications including the CrossFit L1 & L2 Certifications, Judges Certification, and the CrossFit Gymnastics Certification.

Janna Smith

Janna has a background in track, pole vaulting, football, and many other sports. She is L1 certified by CrossFit. Janna is a well rounded athlete and many times you will find her at our noon class with her little ones Caliber and Jubilee.