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Is CrossFit for me?

What we often see in videos is impressive, but intimidating. Those athletes have trained for years to be at the top of the sport, even redefining human limits! The rest of us have discovered a training program that improves cardio, builds muscle, burns fat, and is inspirational and fun at the same time! 

...but I can't do a pull-up, or a handstand, and I've never used a barbell.
NO PROBLEM, we ALL started there! Our certified staff will adjust the workout to fit your current skill, strength, and mobility so you get a great workout and move closer to those achievements every day!

Is Sanctum for me?

We are a "No Gimmicks", WYSIWYG Gym!

You won't see any "6 Week Challenge" or "Free Gym Membership" scams here.

We are a "work your a$$ off ", get strong, lose weight, push hard, earn your stripes gym.

  ...if that sounds like what you're looking for then take the next step below

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