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About Sanctum CrossFit

At Sanctum CrossFit it is our mission to improve your quality of life, believing that a healthy and fit body enables you to enjoy life to the fullest! 

Few people walk into a CrossFit “box” with perfect fitness. In fact, they start right where you are today. It is our priority at Sanctum CrossFit to tailor our workouts to your current fitness level and help you realize your health and fitness potential over time. Our program is designed to be adjustable for all fitness levels, meaning that first timers and elite athletes all follow the same program. The specific work is adjusted for each individual’s strength, skill, and mobility. These adjustments allow us to 1) keep you safe, 2) push you to your limits, while 3) improving your strength, skill, mobility, and endurance.

In following the CrossFit methodology we incorporate a constantly varied rotation of Gymnastics, Metabolic Conditioning, Plyometrics, and Weightlifting in endless combinations to push you in unexpected ways and to keep it interesting.

You can consider Sanctum a safe place, where you can feel safe in your own skin among other like-minded friends working equally hard to improve themselves. 


Above all we believe that the body is the Temple and we have a responsibility to be prepared for anything that is put before us both in season and out of season!

Getting Started is EASY!


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